Any time an individual drives, it exposes them to risks of accidents- one may either be responsible for causing an accident or being hit by another driver. Accidents are, in most cases, rarely avoided, which is why UM coverage exists. Uninsured motorist coverage is essential in any state.

However, there is not much emphasis on UM coverage in Oklahoma. Drivers are not mandated to carry them everywhere; this does not mean they do not require them. A very high percentage of drivers in Oklahoma are uninsured, making it a matter of concern. That said, it is pretty challenging to understand just how significant UM coverage is to drivers if one lacks adequate information about them. So, what exactly are uninsured motorist coverage and its benefits?

What is Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Uninsured motorist coverage generally describes an additional insurance policy that covers a driver, especially when the driver lacks enough insurance after an accident. Causing an accident is horrible.

However, not having enough insurance to cover the accident has serious repercussions. A UM acts as an add-on to an auto policy by covering for damage to property and injuries of the people involved.

Most hit-and-run drivers are also uninsured motorists and may need this beneficial coverage. However, many drivers with no UM coverage find it quite challenging to receive payments, especially when they get involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist, even when the other driver is to blame.

Types of UM Coverage

UM coverage is primarily classified into two;

1.    Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury (UMBI)

UMBI covers the medical bills of every passenger involved in an accident when the driver is uninsured.

2.    Uninsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD)

UMPD is insurance that caters to car repairs- it may come in handy when the other party’s insurance has property damage liability limits. Even though Oklahoma has not emphasized UM coverage, the driver requires the two to make it easier to manage medical bills and repairs.

The Benefits of Having UM Insurance in Oklahoma

UM insurance has made significant contributions to most drivers in Oklahoma. Here are some of the benefits it comes with.

  • It protects one from an uninsured motorist crash

Oklahoma has allowed UM victims to receive compensation from the other party and their insurers. In addition, it has made it much easier and faster to cover all damages through collision coverage and uninsured motorist policy.

  •    It protects one after a hit-and-run

More often than not, some motorists, especially those without insurance or enough insurance, flee the scene to avoid covering for damages. In this case, the UM victim may liaise directly with their insurer to receive coverage.

  •   Makes it much easier to deal with the aftermath of the auto-accident

It can be stressful to recover from an accident due to someone’s negligence, especially when you have to pay hospital bills, make up for lost time at work, and heal physically and emotionally. UM coverage allows the driver to be less overwhelmed while dealing with the situation.

Risks Associated with Not Having Adequate UM Coverage

Most drivers rarely get insurance with the hope that they will not cause an accident. Some do not have UM coverage because they cannot afford it. Others are just adamant about getting insured. However, some drivers in Oklahoma do not know that certain risks come with not having enough UM coverage.

Below are some of the risks.
1.    They are unable to protect themselves against underinsured or uninsured drivers.
2.    They may not be able to cover for their injuries and that of their passengers, even when they are not at fault. The driver may use a lot of money to substitute for medical bills and damages.
3.    The driver may file a suit but may still not get compensation.
4.    The driver may be unable to cover excess liability insurance, especially when the other party’s insurance is insufficient.

Steps to Take to Ensure One Has Sufficient Protection Against an Uninsured Driver

As mentioned earlier, car accidents are overwhelming, especially if one lacks UM coverage. Even though sometimes one is prone to think about who is responsible for damages, repairs, and medical bills, it is essential to take a step back and analyze the situation as it may help achieve a favorable settlement. One may follow the following steps to take when involved in an auto accident.

1.    Contact the law enforcement

Contacting the police is essential, especially in car accidents involving uninsured drivers. This is because:

2.    Exchange information with the other driver

The police may take a while to reach the scene of the accident, making the uninsured driver hit and run to avoid paying for damages. However, exchanging information with the driver makes it easier to know whether they have any sort of coverage or not.

Exchanging information is also vital as it helps one get adequate information about the driver, including the car’s specifications and contact information. The driver may also prove credibility by having the contact information of the witnesses at the scene of the accident.

3.    Contact one’s insurer

Contacting an insurer would help determine the extent of the damage and the policy specifications. This is useful, especially for UM coverage.

The insurance covers everyone in the vehicle that may have succumbed to injuries when the driver has no insurance. However, if the damages exceed the coverage limit, one may use Personal Injury Protection (PIP) to cover other damages.

4.    Seek medical attention

Car Accident Law

After an accident, it is crucial to take care of oneself, whether one has minor or severe injuries. This includes;

  • Seeing a doctor to ensure that one’s health is in check.
  • Having medical records that may be helpful during the claim process.

5.    Carefully analyze all the car damages

It is imperative to take note of the car damages and repairs. Having UM coverage allows an individual to receive full insurance for the damages. However, lacking UM coverage makes the individual less advantaged- it may not be enough to cover all damages. The individual may need to seek compensation elsewhere. In most cases, uninsured motorists are rarely financially independent, so they may strain to cover the debt.

6.    Contact a lawyer

Sometimes, an individual requires a lawyer as the insurer may not reach a reasonable and favorable amount for the damages, especially when the cases involve uninsured motorists. A lawyer/attorney general ensures that the decision protects the client’s best interest. Contact us or call us at 918-359-6600 for a free consultation. 

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