Personal Injury

Lost Wages Versus Lost Earning Potential

Often in personal injury and wrongful death cases, the loss of the capacity to earn money and provide financial stability must be analyzed to calculate the damages in these cases. In calculating this loss, information is gathered from several sources: Income and benefits in each job Individual and personal information about the worker in question

Injured Using a Rental Tool – Who Will be Liable?

A number of accidents can occur while someone is using a rental tool, sometimes leading to serious injury. Circumstances determine who will be liable for such an injury. Whether the products are defective, if there was proper licensing, and much more can determine who will have to pay for damages in a subsequential court case. 

Oklahoma Dram Shop Laws and How They Work

Dram shop laws address the liability of a provider of alcohol for the actions of the person who consumes it. A ‘dram’ refers to what was once a common measure of whiskey. A dram shop is any commercial establishment that offers alcohol for consumption on the premises. Dram shop laws are state laws imposing liability

Slip and Fall in a Parking Lot? Liability Can Get Complicated

A slip and fall accident can happen nearly any time. While shopping or even going to work, it’s easy to slip and fall in a parking lot. Because the accident doesn’t happen inside a store or building, figuring out the liability can get complicated. Recently, a professional cellist fell in a grocery store parking lot

A Personal Injury Deposition – How Intense Will it Be?

When a personal injury lawsuit is filed both the party seeking damages and the party defending the action are looking for information that will support their positions. During the investigative stage of the process, each party can request information from the other in several ways. If the proper procedures are followed each party is allowed

How Long to File a Lawsuit if a Minor Gets Injured

Back in July 2021, an attorney filed an initial civil relief negligence petition with the Kingfisher County District Court on behalf of a former Kingfisher High School student. The plaintiff was identified as “John Doe No. 1.” in the court filings. The petition was filed about a week before the expiration of Oklahoma’s statute of

What is the role of a personal injury attorney?

Although the U.S. legal system is vast, with tens of thousands of attorneys performing various legal work from writing contracts, to transacting business, and helping with estate planning, one of the most common types of attorneys is the personal injury attorney. What Constitutes Personal Injury? Although a person may experience a personal injury while engaging

Oklahoma Bicycle Laws 

Although most people learn to ride a bicycle when they are young, few are familiar with the bicycle laws established in their state of residence. At Graves McLain, we know the importance of being familiar with your state laws and how this can protect you in case of an accident.

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