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Recent Results

Recent Results

Medical Negligence

$3.825 million
Doctors did not uphold the standard of care for our client, and both she and her baby sustained injuries during the birthing process.

$3.5 million
When her doctor failed to diagnose her breast cancer, our client suffered extensive damages before passing away.

$3 million
We secured a lifetime of care for our client, who was provided with improper medication during an unidentified stroke, and suffered permanent brain damage as a result.

$1.87 million
Wrong medication issued to our client after major surgery resulted in permanent brain damage.

$1.315 million
Our client received improper doses of medication for her medical condition, and passed away.

Medical Malpractice & Wrongful Death

$1 million
Failure to diagnose a medical emergency. Recovery was secured on behalf of his family.

Improperly discharged from the hospital, after a missed diagnosis. Recovery secured on behalf of the family.

Negligent care and incorrect administration of medication led to a newborn child passing away.

Doctors failed to recognize a symptomatic underlying condition and therefore did not provide the life-saving surgery.

$ 20 Million Verdict
When our client’s baby died in foster care, we fought for justice for the family.

$ 20 Million Verdict
Our client’s child was murdered, we made sure the family received the justice and settlement they deserved.

$2.8 Million Settlement
When our client's daughter was killed by a drunk driver, we made sure that the driver, as well as the bar that served him while intoxicated, paid for their actions.

$ 1.5 Million Settlement
Our client’s son was killed when he was hit by a big rig on the highway.

$ 1.3 Million Settlement

$ 750,000 settlement

$ 500,000 settlement

$ 450,000 settlement

$ 400,000 settlement

$ 250,000 settlement

Dog Bite

While at the home of someone they knew, our client was attacked by two dogs and suffered permanent disfigurement and injuries.

While on their own property, our client was attacked by their neighbor’s dogs and now has lasting, permanent injuries.

Our minor client was playing outside when they were attacked by a dog they had been granted permission to pet. They suffered permanent scarring and disfigurement as a result of the attack.

Breach of Contract

$1.43 Million Settlement
A City failed to pay for our client’s construction services.

$691,000.00 Verdict
The State failed to pay for our client’s road construction services.

Banking Misconduct

$ 450,000  Verdict
Bank failed to honor a cashier’s check causing disruption of our client’s life.

$ 285,000 settlement
Bank took advantage of an elderly borrower who lost her home.

Product Liability

A manufacturer’s defect – an unprotected pinch point on a boat – resulted in our client’s finger being amputated.

$ 750,000 settlement

$ 300,000 settlement

Insurance Bad Faith

$ 4 Million Settlement
Insurance company failed to settle claim within policy limits exposing insured to excess verdict.

$ 2.75 Million Settlement
Insurance company failed to settle claim within policy limits exposing insured to excess verdict.

$ 185,000 Settlement
Client’s insurance company failed to investigate and adjust claim for client’s injuries.

$ 125,000 Settlement
Client’s insurance company failed to pay property loss claim.

Daycare Abuse

$ 275,000 settlement

Predatory Lending

$ 225,000 settlement

Motor Vehicle Accidents

$3.2 million
A local employee was overserved at the restaurant in which they worked. They then struck our client’s car, killing him. Recovery was secured on behalf of the client’s family from the restaurant and employer.

$2.5 million
Our teenage client was rear-ended by a driver under the influence, which led to her tragic passing. The recovery was made on behalf of her parents.

$ 1.2 Million
Our client’s wife was killed in a head-on collision.

$1 Million Settlement
When our client's wife was killed in a head-on collision, we recovered the limits of available insurance on his behalf.

$1 Million Settlement
Our client was hit by another vehicle while riding his motorcycle, causing severe nerve damage to his leg. We were able to recover the money he needed to start a new life.

$ 1 Million
Our client suffered a nerve injury to his leg in a motorcycle accident.

$ 670,000
When our client suffered a neck injury in a rear-end collision, we made sure he got the money he deserved.

$ 175,000 Settlement

$ 125,000 Settlement

$ 116,804 Verdict

$ 100,000 Settlement

$ 100,000 Settlement

$   85,000 Settlement

Premises Liability

An apartment complex negligently failed to keep a stairwell safe and in good repair, causing our client to fall several feet to the concrete below.

Our client slipped and fell in a store parking lot due to oil and other slippery surfaces on the ground. This fall led to multiple serious injuries and surgery.

During a welding course where they were not provided with proper instruction or safety equipment, our client suffered severe burns.

When a venue failed to properly secure a sign in the rafters, it fell on our client who sustained a brain injury as a result.

Our client tripped over an improperly marked parking barrier that was also in disrepair. They suffered a serious fracture as a result.

$ 950,000 settlement

$ 185,000 settlement

$ 150,000 settlement

$ 125,000 settlement

Gender Discrimination

$ 225,000 settlement


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