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The Effectiveness of Safety Campaigns on Reducing Car Accidents: An Analysis

Car Accident Law

Consider a scenario where you’re cruising on the highway and encounter an electronic sign displaying, “79 traffic fatalities this year.” Would seeing this message decrease your likelihood of being involved in an accident? Contrary to what one might expect, recent scientific research suggests the opposite effect. A study published in the prestigious journal Science, based

Legal Rights of Passengers in Car Accidents: Seeking Compensation for Injuries

Passengers Car Accidents

According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, there were over 1700 vehicle crashes in 2021 resulting in serious injury – including drivers and passengers. When a person rides as a passenger in a vehicle and sustains injuries during an accident, different laws and regulations come into play. Compensation may be sought from various sources, including

Car Accidents Involving Uninsured Motorists: Your Options for Recovery

Car Accidents Uninsured

According to the Insurance Information Institute, Oklahoma ranks 18th in the USA for uninsured motorists – comprising 13.4% of drivers in the state. This statistic is a concern for others on the road in the Sooner State. In Oklahoma, it’s required by law for drivers to have liability insurance, but when drivers ignore this requirement,

Identifying Unsafe Road Conditions That Could Lead to an Auto Accident

In early February 2023, a devastating winter storm system caused major disruptions to day-to-day life for thousands of people across the nation. This storm system grounded 2,300 flights, left hundreds of thousands without power, forced school closures, and made driving conditions worse. Watches and warnings about wintry conditions were issued for an area stretching from

How to Appeal a Denied Insurance Claim after a Car Accident

Denied Insurance Claim Law

Millions of accidents occur yearly in the country, with nearly two million being injury crashes. While multiple parties shoulder the costs of the injuries, private insurers are responsible for 50% of the claims. And as much as an injured person has a right to receive compensation from the at-fault party’s insurer, a significant number of

What Are My Rights as a Passenger in an Auto Accident in Tulsa?

Passenger Car Accident Law

According to the Tulsa police department, two passengers were rushed to the hospital in critical condition after an auto accident on Saturday, February 11th 2023. The auto crash happened on E. 21st St. near S. Pittsburgh Ave. at about 3 P.m. involving a white Ford and a blue Nissan. Auto accidents are common on many U. S.

What Damages Are Available After An Accident In Tulsa?

Car Accident Damage Law

Jenny Mitchell, 28, was an unsuspecting user of chemical hair relaxers, having been using them for the past 18 years since she was 10 years old. Unbeknownst to her, the prolonged exposure to these potentially harmful substances may have been the cause of her being diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2018.   Mitchell’s lawsuit was

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