Millions of parents purchase child car seats every year to help keep their kids safe in the event of an accident. It has been statistically proven that child car seats help protect young children from suffering serious injuries when they are involved in a car crash. But car seats can only keep a child-safe if they are built effectively and function properly. When products such as car seats are defective, unsafe, or are not properly tested by their manufacturers, these companies put innocent children at risk.

Thousands of child safety car seats are currently being recalled due to a serious product defect that could place young children at risk. Manufacturer Recaro Child Safety, LLC has instituted a voluntary recall of all ProRide and Performance Ride Car Seat models manufactured prior to June 9th, 2015. Over 173,000 units are currently affected by this recall.

During routine testing, it was found that in some of these car seats, the inner shell where the child sits can crack and become detached from the main shell that attaches to the car’s back seat. When the plastic shell of these ProRide and Performance Ride car seats crack and detach during an accident, the children sitting in them could be ejected and become seriously; or even fatally, injured.

Passenger safety is important for all drivers, but it becomes even more crucial when the passengers are infants, toddlers, and young children. Here are some important points to remember when it comes to child passenger safety:

  • Until a child can fit properly into a car’s regular seat belt, they should always travel in a car using a car seat or booster seat.
  • A seat belt fits properly when the lap belt lays flat across a child’s upper thighs (and not their stomach) and the shoulder belt lays flat across the child’s chest (and not their neck.)
  • According to the Center for Disease Control, car seat use drastically reduces the risk of death for all young vehicle passengers.
  • For infants that are less than a year old, their risk of death is reduced by 71% when placed in a car seat. For toddlers ages 1-4, the risk is reduced by 54%.
  • Unfortunately, parents of young children do not always follow the proper safety precaution of placing their child in a car seat.
  • The CDC found that more than 618,000 children ages 0-12 ride in vehicles without the use of a car seat annually.

For parents, it is vital not only to purchase and always use a car seat for your child passengers but also to ensure that you are aware of how to properly install that device. One study of over 3,500 parents found that 72% of car and booster seats were misused or improperly installed in a way that could endanger a child’s safety.

Finally, it is extremely important that after properly installing your car seat, you take the time to register the product. After registering your car seat, you and your family will be notified immediately about any recalls or product defects affecting the model you purchased.

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