They Make You Feel Welcome

My experience with Graves McLain was a very nice one! It was my very first car wreck where insurance was involved, and  I had no idea what to do, who to call, or anything. I saw ads on TV and I went with Graves McLain where I spoke with Miss Margo. She answered the phone with a lovely voice that made me feel welcome every time I talk to her. It’s like I’ve known her all my life. She has a very calming voice. She is an asset to the firm! She made me feel right at home on the phone. She connected me with someone who could explain my situation and what they could do to help.

I gathered up all the paperwork that I had. I even got the information on my car that was in the shop!  They helped me through the process step-by-step and told me what to expect and what I needed to do.  If I had any questions I could call anytime. Well I did, and  sometimes I called three times a week. Every time I called they were so nice and very respectful. They answered my questions and helped me through this accident.

A lot of people want to speak to their attorney and no one else. I didn’t mind who I spoke with when I called. When I let them know who I was the next thing I heard was “Mrs. Allen, how can I help you?” Each time I called it may have been a different person I was talking with, but everyone took care of me and could answer my questions. I think a lot of people feel like they are being pushed aside by their attorney but not at Graves McLain. They make you feel welcome from the first visit to the last.

When I went in the office Margo greeted me with a big smile and her sweet voice. I feel like a part of the family! Margo said she would miss me also. I told her I may call or drop by to say hello. That’s just how they make you feel! I went into the big beautiful conference room my last visit and some of the girls that worked on my case came in to introduce themselves to me so I could place a face with the name.

At that point my attorney came and we talked  for several minutes. She explained everything to me and asked me if I had any questions. She asked me how I was doing after the accident. We finished up with all the paperwork,  I got my copy of everything, she had her copy, then was time to say goodbye. The ladies of Graves McLain and I said our goodbyes too. I had a really great experience for my very first car wreck that had medical bills. I want to say thank you to Graves McLain and everybody that works there! Keep up the good work!


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