Best in Town

When I made the decision to call Graves McLain, I didn’t know whether they could help me.
But, I was greeted with such kindness and after a few questions inquiring about the status of the accident I was involved in, I was told it looked like we had a case.
I was called several times for more information and each time my questions were answered by Rayann. She was always friendly and up to speed with regards to my case.
It took a while to reach the insurance companies, but Rayann and Rachel forged on until they finally got hold of them and the process proceeded.

It has been a long road, but throughout it all everyone has been so kind.
Hearing Margo answer the phone was music to my ears.

During the process of this case, I had to call and tell Rachel that I was involved in another accident, so we opened another file.
This one should be easier than the first.

I’ve already told many people to call Graves McLain because they will get the best in town!


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