Graves McLain tractor trailer

Graves McLain tractor trailer
Car Accident with large truck

Recent Truck Accident On Will Rogers Turnpike Reminds Us To Always Be Aware Driving Near Large Commercial Vehicles

There are many large commercial vehicles on the roads, and we all need to be more careful around large trucks. Drivers of cars and motorcycles need to keep in mind that drivers of tractor-trailers or large commercial vehicles could be dealing with other issues on the roads. Long hours behind the wheel causing tiredness due…
tractor trailer on it's side after accident

Safety Tips for Driving on the Road with Tractor Trailers

Summertime is here, which means tens of thousands of Americans will be taking to the road as they travel to seasonal retreats and vacation locations. Safety is of the utmost concern for passenger vehicles as they drive to their final destination. Driving concerns are only natural when sharing the road with tractor-trailers, as there has…