car accident law firm

car accident law firm
man riding motorcycle

It’s Motorcycle Safety Month, Ride Safe & Enjoy.

Motorcycles have become a symbol of the free spirit in Western civilization. The film “The Great Escape” depicts Steve McQueen memorably racing to freedom on his Triumph motorcycle. The roar of the engine, the wind blowing in your hair, and the desire to see where the road ahead takes you; these feelings and more represent…
Lady putting on Lipstick while driving

One Distraction Can Change Your Life Forever.

When Driving…make sure you’re not a Distracted Driver. Reaching into a bag or purse, brushing your hair, putting on lipstick, loud music, wearing earplugs or an elevated emotional state can all lead to distracted driving. When behind the wheel, stay focused; keep your eyes on the road. When behind the wheel, you need your full…