many homes destroyed after tornado with debris laying all around
Local Oklahoma Disaster Claim Denial Attorneys

Local Oklahoma Disaster Claim Denial Attorneys

has your claim for disaster relief been denied?

From Katrina to Sandy to Harvey, the images of devastating hurricane damage remain burned in our memory - homes lost to rising floodwaters and powerful winds. In Oklahoma, hurricane season means very little. To us, however, the threat of a tornado is all too real. We remember the disaster that struck Moore, Oklahoma in 2013—the catastrophic damage, the crippling injuries, the tragic loss of life.

When the Trust is Broken

We trust emergency management agencies and insurance companies to provide relief after tragedy strikes. We rely on those claims that we can rebuild—so that we can move on. But what if that relief never comes? What if your disaster relief claim is denied?

An organization of licensed public adjusters states that the most common reasons a disaster relief claim face denial are as follows:

  • Late Filing of Claims
  • Non-Payment of Premiums
  • False Statements or Questionable Claims
  • Insufficient Documentation of Damage
  • Exclusion Clauses

Disaster Insurance is Big Business

FEMA gives private insurance companies a percentage of all premiums paid—plus handling fees, appraisal fees, and charges for other services—all adding up to a substantial profit margin of nearly 30% on average. A recent investigation by National Public Radio (NPR) determined that the private insurance companies involved in government flood program made $240 to $406 million in profit over four years.

If you or a loved one has been denied disaster relief benefits, call Graves McLain right away at 918-359-6600. When you call one of our experienced Tulsa, Oklahoma Disaster Relief attorneys, we will speak with you for FREE and determine the best course of action.

We review every detail of your situation at no cost to you and fight hard to protect your rights. Trust our team, we are here to help. At Graves McLain, you will never pay an attorney’s fee upfront, and you owe us nothing until we win your case. At Graves McLain, we don’t get paid until you do.

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