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Insurance Disputes

Insurance Disputes

Has Your Insurance Claim Been Denied, Dismissed, or Mishandled?

Experienced Oklahoma Insurance Dispute Attorneys

You carry insurance so you can have protection in the event of an emergency. You diligently pay your premium every month and count on your insurance company to be there with the coverage you need when you need it. Unfortunately, many file claims with their insurance companies only to find their claim has been denied.

Put Graves McLain on Your Side

The Tulsa, Oklahoma Insurance Dispute Attorneys at Graves McLain understand the intricacies of these very specialized cases. Whether working to resolve your claim in the conference room or the courtroom, we don’t take shortcuts. If a lawsuit ultimately proves necessary, we will aggressively pursue litigation—and do what it takes to make sure your case is tried or settled quickly.

You’ve already been through enough, and you don’t need to take on more. Your legal battle should not make things worse. At Graves McLain, we treat clients like family—and work every case to the best possible resolution.

Areas of Practice

The staff of Graves McLain has the knowledge to effectively protect your rights, no matter what type of insurance dispute you have. In addition to traditional medical, homeowners, and motor vehicle insurance claims, our Insurance Dispute Attorneys have years of experience representing clients with:

Graves McLain Gets Results

The Insurance Dispute Attorneys at Graves McLain have a proven track record of securing the maximum recovery for our clients. Our attorneys fight to get you the compensation you deserve for your claim. Below are just a few of our many successes.

Insurance Bad Faith

  • $4 Million Settlement—When an insurance company failed to settle a claim within policy limits, Graves McLain protected the insured against exposure to excess verdict.
  • $2.75 Million Settlement—When our client was exposed to excess verdict, Graves McLain took action against the insurance company for failing to settle the claim within policy limits.
  • $185,000 Settlement—When an insurance company failed to investigate and adjust their claim for our client’s injuries, Graves McLain acted to hold them fully accountable.
  • $125,000 Settlement—When our client’s insurance company failed to pay their property loss claim, Graves McLain intervened on their behalf to recover the full damages.

Medical Malpractice & Wrongful Death

  • $2.8 Million—When our client’s daughter was killed by a drunk driver, Graves McLain made sure the driver—and the bar that served him—paid for their actions.
  • $1.5 Million—When our client’s son was hit and killed by a tractor-trailer on the highway, Graves McLain acted to hold the negligent party fully accountable.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • $1.2 Million—Sadly, our client’s wife was killed in a head-on collision. Graves McLain was able to secure a significant settlement for the client and his family.
  • $1 Million—When our client’s spouse was killed in a head-on collision, Graves McLain was able to recover the full limit of available insurance compensation.
  • $1 Million—When our client was hit on his motorcycle, he suffered severe nerve damage. Graves McLain recovered the money he needed for a new life.
  • $670,000—After our client suffered a neck injury during a rear-end collision, Graves McLain helped him get the compensation he deserved for his suffering.

These are just a few examples of the many substantial insurance settlements Graves McLain has been able to recover on behalf of our clients.

Graves McLain Can Help You

If you or a loved one is involved in an insurance claim dispute, call Graves McLain right away at 918-359-6600. When you call one of our experienced Insurance Dispute attorneys, we will speak with you for FREE and determine the best course of action.

We review every detail of your situation at no cost to you—and fight hard to protect your rights. Trust our team, we are here to help. At Graves McLain, you will never pay an attorney’s fee upfront—and you owe us nothing until we win your case. At Graves McLain, we don’t get paid until you do.

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