Being Festive – and Safe – This Holiday Season

Being Festive – and Safe – This Holiday Season

The end of the year is a special time. Not only do we spend a lot of time with family and friends, but we also spend a lot of time decorating. Unfortunately, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), there has been an increase in injuries associated with decorating for the holidays. From Christmas tree and candle fires to tangled lights, there is an increased risk of injury. Luckily, there are measures you can take to lower this risk. Here are some tips to help keep you safe this holiday season.

1. It starts with tree safety.

If using a real tree, ensure that it is fresh. Drier trees can more easily catch fire. Sources of heat such as fireplaces and radiators can quickly dry trees and make them more flammable. Fill the base of the tree with water and check it daily.  

If you prefer an artificial tree, choose one with a “Fire Resistant” label, as it will be less likely to catch fire.

2. Always use candles safely.

Never leave a room, go to bed, or leave the house without first extinguishing any candles. It is important to put candles in a place where they are out of the reach of pets and small children and are less likely to be knocked over. Additionally, lit candles should be kept away from flammable items (such as your tree). LED candles are a great, safe alternative.

3. In houses with small children, avoid decorations that are weighted, breakable, or sharp.

If you have small children, avoid using trimmings with removable or small parts. Breakable or heavy items also can provide temptations for kids. If you must use these types of decorations, place them out of your child’s reach.

4. Check all extension cords and lights.

It is important that you only use extension cords in the proper environment for which they are made. For example, indoor extension cords should not be used outside.

Toss any broken, cracked, or frayed light sets in the trash. Additionally, if you have a metallic tree do not decorate it with electric lights.

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