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Are Underride Guards Required for Commercial Trucks in Oklahoma?

In March of 2022, three people lost their lives in an underride accident in Shamrock, Texas. The driver, Jeremy Lewis, failed to brake in time and slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer. The truck had slowed down in traffic caused by another accident up the road. Jeremy’s car slid under the back of the

Injured Using a Rental Tool – Who Will be Liable?

A number of accidents can occur while someone is using a rental tool, sometimes leading to serious injury. Circumstances determine who will be liable for such an injury. Whether the products are defective, if there was proper licensing, and much more can determine who will have to pay for damages in a subsequential court case. 

Oklahoma Distracted Driving Laws 101

The Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA) has recently sent out a report highlighting the number of people that have died in distracted driving cases in the United States of America. In 2020, authorities claim that more than 3,100 people have lost their lives to illegal or negligent distracted driving actions.The issue of distracted driving has not only taken the state by storm for its statistical value, but also for its personal value. The culmination of these issues has led to Oklahoma being ranked one of the worst states for car accidents and distracted driving.

How Hospital Prescription Medication Errors Occur

In March 2022, RaDonda Vaught was found guilty of criminally negligent homicide for giving a patient the wrong drug. When she overrode a search function for the hospital’s electronic medication cabinet, she accidentally selected a strong paralytic medication instead of the prescribed sedative. Her patient died as a result.  Similar hospital prescription medication errors have

Oklahoma Dram Shop Laws and How They Work

Dram shop laws address the liability of a provider of alcohol for the actions of the person who consumes it. A ‘dram’ refers to what was once a common measure of whiskey. A dram shop is any commercial establishment that offers alcohol for consumption on the premises. Dram shop laws are state laws imposing liability

How Long do Car Accident Victims Have to File Claims?

When a person gets injured in a car accident, making a claim usually starts with an insurance company. Reporting a claim to an insurance company may be sufficient to trigger coverage under an insurance policy, but it does not initiate legal claim proceedings. If negotiations with an insurance company break down then a lawsuit can

Rushed Out of the ER – Is Early Discharge Medical Malpractice?

Unfortunately, emergency room errors occur all the time. Whether a patient was forgotten, prescribed the wrong medication, or mistreated for an entirely different illness, early discharge mistakes happen frequently. However, the hecticness of an emergency room may also prompt personnel to discharge a patient before receiving proper care. Mistakes happen, but they can also cause

Hospital Liability for Infections

Hospitals should be seen as a community’s safe place – a place where people treat their ailments, recover, and heal. But too often, hospitals make matters worse. Instead of havens of health, these institutions can fester with infections and become centers for breeding bacteria and germs.  In 2018, J.R. Baker was a nurse at Cherokee

Slip and Fall in a Parking Lot? Liability Can Get Complicated

A slip and fall accident can happen nearly any time. While shopping or even going to work, it’s easy to slip and fall in a parking lot. Because the accident doesn’t happen inside a store or building, figuring out the liability can get complicated. Recently, a professional cellist fell in a grocery store parking lot

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